Thiamine, B1 Co-Active

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Thiamine, B1 Co-ActiveThiamine provides a supplementary source of thiamine in a form that is both fully active and ready to be used as a co-enzyme (thiamine pyrophosphate) and in a conventional form (thiamine mononitrate) that can be gradually converted to the active form in the body. Thiamine is an important co-factor for pyruvate dehydrogenase which helps convert glucose to Acetyl Co-A. Acetyl Co-A is then used to either make fatty acids for energy storage or proceeds through oxidative phosphorylation to make energy for the body. Thiamine deficiency can result in the disease beriberi, but less severe insufficiency can result in eye damage and impaired cardiac output. The best food sources of thiamine are whole grains, seeds and vegetables. Most thiamine deficiency has resulted from either excessive reliance on white rice or excessive consumption of alcohol which appears to decrease the absorption of dietary thiamine. One capsule provides Thiamine 50 mg (pyrophosphate 10 mg & thiamine mononitrate 40 mg). (Cellulose) 100 VGTM Caps