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Ageless Brain

Ageless Brain is a powerful Non-GMO blend of herbs, vitamins and carotenoids that research supports protection of the aging brain. One capsule provides: Methylfolate 100 mcg, B12 50 mcg, Resveratrol 100 mg, Lutein 7.5 mg, Zeaxanthin 2.5 mg,...
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5-HTP (5-hydroxytrypophan)

5-HTP: One capsule provides 5-HTP 50 mg (5-hydroxytryptophan). Each batch is tested to assure absence of "peak X", which is suspected to be involved in the toxic effects of L-Tryptophan produced by genetically engineered bacteria...
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Relax Evening Formula™

Relax Evening Formula™ is a blend of nutrients and herbs designed to support relaxation and relieve stress. Ideally take one hour before bed; sit down with a good book and soothing music to finish your day in a stress free manner. Due to individual...
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Relax Day Formula™

Relax Daytime Formula™ is designed to help those needing it to have an enjoyable and productive day. The ingredients help provide nutrients that are precursors to neurotransmitters that help with relaxation, concentration, and an overall optimistic...
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Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a potent blend of a standardized extract of ginkgo leaf and whole ginkgo leaf. This combination provides all of the active ingredients of ginkgo biloba in one capsule. One capsule provides: Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 60 mg, Ginkgo...
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