Quick View 5-HTP (5-hydroxytrypophan)

5-HTP (5-hydroxytrypophan)

5-HTP: One capsule provides 5-HTP 50 mg (5-hydroxytryptophan). Each batch is tested to assure absence of "peak X", which is suspected to be involved in the toxic effects of L-Tryptophan produced by...
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Quick View Acerola Cherry

Acerola Cherry

Acerola Cherry is a tropical shrub or small tree also known as Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry, or Crepe Myrtle. Acerola is native to South America, southern Mexico and Central America. Acerola...
Quick View Activated B-Complex | 100

Activated B-Complex | 100

Activated B-Complex: Two capsules provide active forms of: Thiamine 20 mg, Riboflavin 20 mg, Niacin 120 mg (niacinamide 80mg, niacin 40mg), B6 20 mg, B12 40 mcg, Methylfolate 400 mcg,...
Quick View Activated Vitamin B12

Activated Vitamin B12

Activated B12 provides equal amounts of 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. These are the active forms of vitamin B12. For normal absorption, B12 requires intrinsic factor; but even without...
Quick View Activated Vitamin B6

Activated Vitamin B6

Activated B6: Conventional vitamin B6 is in the form of pyridoxine hydrochloride. In order for the body to use pyridoxine hydrochloride, it must be processed by the body into the coenzyme form,...
Quick View Ageless Brain

Ageless Brain

Ageless Brain is a powerful Non-GMO blend of herbs, vitamins and carotenoids that research supports protection of the aging brain. One capsule provides: Methylfolate 100 mcg, B12 50 mcg,...
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AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) is derived from mushrooms and is used to support a healthy immune system. Daily AHCC is Non-GMO and is the original fully active Japanese product that...
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Quick View Algazim™ Powder

Algazim™ Powder

Algazim™ (Reams Original) is a quick frozen kelp from Fjords along the Norwegian Sea. The kelp is harvested under strict quality control conditions that are certified as both Kosher and organic...
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