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Daily Beta-Berry is a potent immune support blend of Beta Glucan 200 mg, Elderberry Fruit Ext. 200 mg, Vitamin C 100 mg, Vitamin D3 (1000IU) 25 mcg & Zinc (citrate) 10 mg per capsule. (No Excipients) 60 VGTM Caps
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Carbo-Care™ is a balanced blend of ingredients that protects the body, helping it properly manage and utilize macronutrients (especially carbohydrates) for energy. Carbo-Care™ is designed to help limit the over absorption of carbohydrates, to...
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Ageless Brain

Ageless Brain is a powerful Non-GMO blend of herbs, vitamins and carotenoids that research supports protection of the aging brain. One capsule provides: Methylfolate 100 mcg, B12 50 mcg, Resveratrol 100 mg, Lutein 7.5 mg, Zeaxanthin 2.5 mg,...
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Vitality for Women™

Vitality For Women™ combines the best of Asian and Western Herbal extracts with vitamin D3 and DHEA, a precursor of estrogens, to provide a powerful but balanced hormonal support for women. Kudzu and licorice root are rich sources of isoflavones,...
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ProstaMin HP™

ProstaMin HP™ is designed to provide nutritional support for a healthy prostate, but not designed to prevent or treat prostate cancer. About 50% of men have histologic evidence of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) by the age 50 and 74% by age 80...
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BetaKids™ | 30 Tutti Fruitti Lozenges

  BetaKids™ is a blend of natural ingredients for children that helps them have healthy immune systems and promotes optimal mental and physical development. Each box contains 30 fruit flavored gummy supplement lozenges that can be chewed,...
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Vitality for Men™

Vitality For Men™ is a combination of herbs and nutrients provided in the ideal dosages to optimize hormonal health in men. None of the ingredients are known to have undesirable side effects when used as directed. Arginine is known to reduce blood...
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Vascu-MinTM: Six capsules of Vascu-Min™ provide: Magnesium 120 mg (Orotate), Magnesium 140 mg (Aspartate), Potassium 80 mg (Orotate) & Bromelain 280 mg. (Cellulose) 180 VGTM Caps
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Uro-Fit™ is a kidney and bladder health product combining the best in traditional and modern medicine for maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Cranberry has over 250 published studies describing its effectiveness and mode of action and Chanca...
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Relax Evening Formula™

Relax Evening Formula™ is a blend of nutrients and herbs designed to support relaxation and relieve stress. Ideally take one hour before bed; sit down with a good book and soothing music to finish your day in a stress free manner. Due to individual...
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Relax Day Formula™

Relax Daytime Formula™ is designed to help those needing it to have an enjoyable and productive day. The ingredients help provide nutrients that are precursors to neurotransmitters that help with relaxation, concentration, and an overall optimistic...
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Nutra-Flex™ Glucosamine Chondroitin

Nutra-Flex™ is a glucosamine/chondroitin blend using the optimal dosages of vegetarian glucosamine sulfate with a high quality chondroitin sulfate manufactured to USP standards. Nurta-Flex™ also provides Vitamin C 34 mg per day...
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