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Silver (Colloidal) contains no preservatives, acids or stabilizers. Because of the ultra fine particles resulting from the special technologically advanced process, the particles remain in suspension without gelatin or starch stabilizers. The colloidal silver suspension, at 20 ppm, is the ideal concentration. One teaspoon provides Silver 100 mcg. (Water) 32 fl oz bottle

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Colloidal Silver 20 ppm
Written by Rose Brown on Jan 18th 2022

My home is never without Colloidal Silver. I take it everyday and I give it to my pets in their water too. Daily Mfg. delivers quickly with excellent customer service, Thank you! So pleased it is back in stock.

Written by Randy R. Reinert on Nov 19th 2021

your products offer great quality and at good prices

Magic potion
Written by Vontavia Cunningham on Nov 9th 2021

I've been using this product for about 4 years now. My daughter, now 12, suffered from strep throat and ear infections at least 3x a year. She'd always get put on antibiotics. Knowing that your body can build up immunity to antibiotics I searched for a different solution. She hasn't had antibiotics since I've been using this product.

Colloidal Silver
Written by Debra Winkler on Jul 15th 2021

Awesome product!

Colloidal Silver
Written by Van Boals on Mar 16th 2021

Effective Product

colloidal silver
Written by Sherry on Mar 15th 2021

I like this product and it came very timely. Thank you

Colloidal Silver
Written by Van on Oct 6th 2020

Have used this product for sties within my eye lid and infection in the tooth gum and ear pain. So far it has performed with very good results with no prescription medications.

Colloidal silver
Written by Vickie Faulstich on Aug 13th 2020

I use this all the time for everything, excellent products.

Colloidal Silver
Written by Debra Winkler on May 20th 2020

Love this product!

Collided Silver
Written by Amanda Forrest on Apr 13th 2020

This is a much for my family!! My husband has suffered from mouth sore since he was a child, he takes this everyday and it prevents his mouth sores.. I take it for a healthy immune system!! It’s a daily staple for my household!! We only buy it from this company, they have a great product and fast shipping, and they are local!!! Great job!!!

Colloidal Silver
Written by Donna Feltmann on Apr 11th 2020

I really like this product. It has helped me stay healthy and also helped several health issues I have. Definitely recommend this product.

Colloidal Silver
Written by Vickie Faulstich on Mar 31st 2020

Very good to keep everything clean and healthy without being toxic.

Great Stuff
Written by Mary on Mar 13th 2020

I used this to helpcut down length of time on with a cold or flu.

Daily Colloidal silver
Written by Tina Whiting on Mar 11th 2020

This colloidal silver is the best on the market. I would not buy any other brand than this.

Collodial Silver
Written by Dr. Z. Faith Darby, ND on Feb 29th 2020

Daily's 20ppmCollodial Silver is one of the best on the market!

Collidal Silver
Written by Vickie Faulstich on Feb 3rd 2020

My family has been using Daily Manufacturing colloidal Silver for 3 years now. It is very rare that any of us have been sick with anything during this time. Also myself had a MRSA infection on going for 8 years with several surgeries to do clean outs followed by daily IV treatments for months. The skin around the incision always looked purple, blue, red. Then I started taking colloidal silver 1 tbsp everyday internally AND applying it directly to the wound and now the color is a normal skin tone and no out breaks in 3 years.

Best colloidal silver
Written by Tina Whiting on Jul 7th 2019

This brand of colloidal silver is the best on the market. Customer service and shipping are top notch. I highly recommend this brand.

silver 20ppm
Written by Sam on Dec 7th 2018

It worked well, but it seemed that 10ppm strength worked better. I was trying Advanced Silver Company. They make it 10ppm. Is there a reason why 10ppm worked better than 20ppm?

Silver Review
Written by Kara Whittaker on Aug 11th 2018

Love this product! After using it for several weeks my skin is clear and my allergies are getting better! Thank You!