Reams Biological Theory of Ionization - The Life Story of Carey A. Reams (A Biography Only)

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During the early 1930s Carey A. Reams, a budding scientist studying quantum physics and the works of Albert Einstein, developed a scientific theory which became known as the Reams Theory of Ionization (RBTI). Where Einstein’s work led to splitting the atom, Reams researched how ionization is used to pull biological (organic and inorganic) matter apart and put it together according to the genetic code of each organism.

Originally designed to enhance agricultural practices, the theory took on new life when Reams was challenged to expand his knowledge and find a way to help a little boy overcome life-threatening seizures. Combining all he had learned at that point in time, Reams took his quest to meditation and prayer, which brought insight revealing the ways in which the human body creates energy through biological ionization. Reams’ research not only helped the little boy recover but resulted in a redefinition of biological life as it is known today. Within the covers of this book, you will find the story of the birth and development of RBTI and the challenges that defined the lives of reams and his family as they delivered this newfound knowledge and science to the world.

BETTY REAMS HERNANDEZ often calls herself a lab brat. The youngest of the three Reams siblings who actively worked with Carey Reams, her education in RBTI began when her father offered her a job as his secretary in 1966. He taught her how to type, handle clients’ concerns, and instilled within her his definition of what professional ethics and quality performance should be. Her experience as his personal assistant and business manager later found her setting up laboratories, managing retreats, and handling the majority of the correspondence that continually poured into Dr Reams’ office. A teacher by trade, she now collaborates with RBTI and other professionals, designing educational programs and systems to help others learn how. 


*Biography of Dr. Carey A Reams, written by his daughter/co-worker Betty Reams Hernandez. This is Not a RBTI Textbook. This book is not eligible for return or refund.