Miracle 7 Colon Cleanser

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A combination of Psyllium husk (280 mg), Bentonite (160 mg), Citrus pectin (80 mg), Wheat grass (96 mg), Acidophilus mix (40 mg), Apple fiber (120 mg), as well as an herbal blend (22 mg): Gentian, Goldenseal root, Buckthorn, Rhubarb, Cascara sagrada, Whole leaf Aloe Vera and Cinnamon. This blend is a complete herbal colon health program. 120 Vcaps per bottle. (NE) soy-free.pngvegan.png

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Miracle 7
Written by Lesleigh on Nov 6th 2020

It works. When you need to detox, this stuff with Vegelax works quickly and with no discomfort.

Colon cleanser
Written by Randi Matshall on May 9th 2020

I love this product. I ran out from my old supplier and was so happy to find you!