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L-Salivarius is a potent probiotic supplement with approximately 2 billion live bacteria. L-salivarius is a vigorous species, which rapidly multiplies in the intestinal tract to out compete most harmful bacteria. FOS is a prebiotic polysaccharide that encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria. This combination of probiotics and prebiotics in a delayed-released capsule can help establish a healthy intestinal flora. One capsule provides 2 billion live Lactobacillus salivarius& Fructooligosaccharides 100 mg. (Cellulose, Stearic Acid) 120 DRcaps®



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Very helpful...
Written by Jamila on Apr 1st 2021

My gut was not working at its fullest capacity. I started taking L-Salivarius and my gut is now, functioning properly. I have better bowl movements, my gut is not making weird sounds any longer and I’m not bloated anymore! If your gut is giving you problems...I highly recommend L-Salivarius! Thank you!