Spectra-Scorb Plus

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Spectra-Scorb Plus contains mineral ascorbates in an 8 hour sustained release tablet, with a chlorophyll coating. Each tablet provides 1000 mg of vitamin C from mineral ascorbates, The mineral ascorbates provide the following amounts of elemental minerals: Calcium (55 mg), Magnesium (24 mg), Zinc (2.5 mg), Manganese (125 mcg), Molybdenum (200 mcg), Potassium from potassium citrate and potassium aspartate chelates (29 mg), along with 100 mg of the following blend: Acerola cherry extract, Apple pectin, Citrus extract, Grapefruit extract, Hesperidin, Citrus bioflavonoid complex, Rose hips and Rutin. 120 tablets per bottle. (Vegetable stearates, C, Silica, MS, CL) gluten-free.pngsoy-free.pngvegan.png