​Maintaining Good Digestive Health While Traveling

These days digestive health is a big thing in the news, with major advancements in knowledge of our microbiomes and how they affect our health. With the summer in full swing and school being out, now is the time when many of us take on a mildly nomadic lifestyle, traveling and enjoying our vacation time with family and friends.

Staying “regular” while intentionally or unintentionally shifting our regular diets can be hard as we hop form one jetsetter location to the next, but there are things that we can do to help ourselves. Regularly taking a probiotic, like Daily ColonAid, can do wonders for helping maintain our normal healthy intestinal flora.

My wife is a nurse and, given her hours, loves to travel, sometimes at the spur of the moment. She is also a bit of a foodie so we tend to try new restaurants when traveling or at least new foods at our favorite locals. So for me as I travel with my family I always try to make sure I take a small kit with me to ensure the fun does not stop because I am stopped up. I simply put it all in a small canvas bag and throw it in my suitcase when I hit the road. And traveling with a family with dietary restrictions and specific intolerances I cant remember a trip where it was not helpful.

Overnight bag essentials:

  • Daily ColonAid (probiotic)
  • GlutenAce (for gluten contamination)
  • Lip Balm
  • Ibuprofen ( for muscle aches/abdominal pain)
  • Digestine (for gas and bloating)
  • Adhesive bandages/antibiotic ointment
  • New Skin ® liquid bandage

    Of course when I begin to pack for my trip I make sure to toss in any prescriptions medications that I in my old age require, but with this kit I have the peace of mind knowing that however the trip pans out, whatever tours my wife plans and what ever sights we see, I will at least not spend the majority of my trip seeing a bathroom stall