Application Process Expectations

  • Incomplete or illegible applications will not be processed.
  • Allow 8 business days for your application to be processed.
  • You will be notified by email, phone, fax or mail when your account is approved and opened.
  • If you have not been notified of your account status within 15 business days of submitting your application, re­submit your complete and legible application.

Retailer Requirements

Retailers must submit the following Information in addition to the completed Wholesale Application Form:

  • A photocopy of your current business license, state registration or merchant’s certificate.
  • Provide a copy of a Multijurisdictional Sales and Tax Certificate *this may not be applicable for International applicants,
  • Medical certificate or license copy (if applicable) or Reams testing certificate and reference copy (if applicable)
  • If you operate a web-based online store, provide proof of the domain name registration.
  • A valid email address. (optional)
  • A valid phone or fax number.

Opening Order 
Your opening order must be a minimum of $100.00 net. Free shipping starts at $150 * Restrictions apply. All opening orders must be paid for using a credit card. Terms will not be extended on any order.  Only COD or pre pay will be accepted 
All reorders must be a minimum of $100.00 net. Terms will not be extended to any order. Only COD or pre pay will be accepted 
Change of Ownership 
If the business changes ownership, the new owner is required to reapply for an account with Daily Mfg. Any and all orders not shipped in the system submitted by the previous owners are cancelled. 
Store Relocation 
If you relocate your business you will be required to update your account information or, at the discretion of the Account Specialist, reaffirm your account status by updating all the required account information. 
Account Status & Review 
The status of your account will be reviewed periodically. In an effort to keep records accurate you may be asked periodically to provide updated information regarding the status of your business. Accounts showing no activity for more than twelve (12) months may be subject to deactivation. 
Authorized Buyers 
Only authorized buyers are allowed to place orders. Accounts are limited to five (5) authorized buyers. Only the primary contact (the name appearing on the account application) may change, add or remove an authorized buyer. All authorized buyers must be employees of the business/account. 
Order Modification 
Orders made online through the website cannot be modified or canceled once they have been processed through the system.  If an error is made in ordering please contact us by phone immediately so as to determine where in the process your order is and if changes can be made.  Orders submitted by phone cannot be changed or canceled once they have completed processing in the system
Unless specifically requested, all invoices are shipped with the package in an invoice envelope on the outside of your package.


As Daily Manufacturing, Inc. does not qualify, certify, or register any vender in the effective use of any of our products in any program or system, the granting of wholesale is not an endorsement of any vendor’s qualifications.


*Wholesale accounts are limited to customers providing resale to the public.