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AlkaMin (Reams Inspired) combines the major nutrients recommended by Dr. Carey Reams for people with an acid pH into one convenient supplement. It is not intended to replace the customized diet and supplement program provided by qualified “Reams...
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All Natural Dry Vitamin E – 400 IU

Vitamin E-400 Dry is a high quality vitamin E that is a potent anti-oxidant and especially beneficial for the heart and circulatory systems, but also used to facilitate healthy aging and freedom from age-related degenerative diseases. Dry...
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Activated Vitamin B12

Activated B12 provides equal amounts of 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. These are the active forms of vitamin B12. For normal absorption, B12 requires intrinsic factor; but even without intrinsic factor, 1-2% of B-12 can be absorbed. One...
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Vitamin D3-800

Vitamin D3-800: Vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol made from lanolin derived cholesterol from the wool of sheep. Vitamin D3 is the kind your body makes. Which makes it more efficient in absorption. Vitamin D2 is not the kind the body makes. Therefore,...
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Biotin, B7

Biotin, B7: Biotin is a coenzyme for carboxylase enzymes. Biotin is involved in the biosynthesis of fatty acids and amino acids and proteins. It is also needed to make glucose through gluconeogenesis. Biotin is known at the hair vitamin, but also is...
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Thiamine, B1 Co-Active

Thiamine, B1 Co-Active: Thiamine provides a supplementary source of thiamine in a form that is both fully active and ready to be used as a co-enzyme (thiamine pyrophosphate) and in a conventional form (thiamine mononitrate) that can be gradually...
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Nutra-A Plus | 250

Nutra-A Plus™ is a high potency vitamin A made from vegetarian sources. The Vitamin A 7,500mcg (25,000IU) includes: Vitamin A-Palmitate 3,000mcg (10,000IU) & Beta-Carotene Vitamin A 9,000mcg (15,000IU) (mixed carotenoids...
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Folic Acid | 250

Folic Acid: One tablet provides 800 mcg of Folic acid in a slotted tablet that can be broken in half for a 400 mcg dose. (Cellulose, Stearic Acid) 250 tablets 
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Activated B-Complex | 250

Activated B-Complex: Two capsules provide active forms of: Thiamine 20 mg, Riboflavin 20 mg, Niacin 120 mg (niacinamide 80mg, niacin 40mg), B6 20 mg, B12 40 mcg, Methylfolate 400...
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A & D (250 Softgel)

A & D: One softgel capsule provides Vitamin A 3,000 mcg (10,000 IU) & Vitamin D3 10 mcg (400 IU). (Cod Liver Oil, Soybean Oil) 250 softgels per bottle. 
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Spectra-Scorb™ (Reams Inspired) vitamin C is in the form of mineral ascorbates providing: Vitamin C 1,000 mg per two capsules, plus Bioflavonoid Complex 340 mg which provides at least 170 mg Quercetin and the following amount of minerals from the...
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