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It is essential for persons with gluten intolerance to strictly avoid gluten containing foods. However, it is very difficult to completely eliminate all gluten, especially when eating away from home. GlutenAce is designed to help digest small amounts of gluten resulting from accidental contamination and to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation from eating gluten. Each capsule provides: BioCore DPP IV (100 mg), Protease enzymes from Aspergillus oryzae (30,000 HUT), Protease from A. oryzae (500 DPP-IV) and Protease AM from Aspergillus melleus (8.5 AP), Bromelain (300 mg, providing 360 GDU), and Quercetin (100 mg). 60 Vcaps per bottle. (SA, SD) gluten-free.pngsoy-free.pngvegan.png