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Health Links


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This is a great source for researching health statistics.



Oncolink- University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
This is a source to look for information on current cancer research. Pretty much orthodox medicine stuff, but useful information.



Fatfree- The LowFat Vegetarian Archive
This site has 2,391 (10/96) low fat vegetarian recipes. You may never need to buy a cookbook again! There is also other information about fat, vegetarian diets and nutrition.


The Food Allergy Network
This is a very good source of information about food allergy. It explains how allergies work, what are the more common allergenic foods, etc.



New England Journal of Medicine
A good place to look for additional information on new research in the news from that journal.



Self-NutritionData know what you eat
This site by "Self" allows you to input what you eat and find out the nutrition facts for each item.  A lot of fun and sometimes surprising


Nutrition Data
This directory contains reports of selected food items and nutrients in SR23.  These reports are sorted either by food description or in descending order by nutrient content in terms of common household measures.  The food items and weights in these reports are adapted from those in 2002 revision of Home and Garden Bulletin No. 72, Nutritive Value of Foods.


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